Birmingham’s Josh Kinney Releases Summertime Anthem ‘Southland’

Summertime never fails to provide the energy we need to savor every moment. Sometimes fleeting, people collectively feel a desire during these months to live it up because summer is so short! Country artist Josh Kinney has brilliantly captured this exact feeling in his catchy new hit entitled “Southland”. Compelling lyrics and catchy melodies, “Southland” has been coined Kinney’s first major summertime anthem. Paired with a visual that transports you to the vast array of nature in the south, this Birmingham-based artist is hitting the air waves right in time. With influences ranging from old-school icons like George Strait and Motley Crue to modern musicians like Florida Georgia Line and Khalid, Kinney takes his inspiration and puts his own unique spin on a sound that listeners have already proven to love.


As a young boy, Kinney began writing songs at home, in a household filled with foster siblings and two hard-working parents. It was difficult to find a quiet place to work with 12 children in the home, but that didn’t stop him from falling in love with both the challenge and craft of songwriting, strumming each new song on the acoustic guitar he received as a Christmas present at 14 years old. He signed with Birmingham Entertainment while still a teenager and began working on new music —- music that was unflinchingly modern while remaining proudly based in the country world. Perhaps most importantly, his songs all maintained a positive outlook.

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